Texturing / Look Development reel

Lighting Reel

Texture / Look development breakdown

1 - Marvel Doctor Strange // Various hero and mid asset textures throughout sequence // MARI
2 - Marvel Captain America Civil War // Entire airport tarmac textures / various vehicles including hero props // MARI
3 - Qualcomm "A Dragon is coming" // Dragon Textures // MARI PHOTOSHOP
4 - Dragonvale // Dragon Textures and collaborated in environment textures // MARI
5 - Snickers "Focus Group" // Sharks Textures // MARI
6 - Google Spotlight "HELP" // LA River & bridge textures // MARI
7 - Hot Pockets "Hunger Can't Kill My Game" // Soldier & Robot textures and look development // MARI ARNOLD
8 - Smurfs Feature Film // Moth Textures // MARI
9 - Country Crock "Simple Recipe" // Farmer Truck Toy Textures and look development // MARI ARNOLD


Lighting Breakdown

1 - Nissan “Altima” Commercial // Interior Car Texturing/ Environment Texture, Lighting, Look Development //
2 - Amdro “Ramdro” Commercial // Texturing/ Lighting/ Look Development // MAYA PHOTOSHOP ARNOLD
3 - Benjamin Moore “Shades of Life” Commercial // Lighting // MAYA ARNOLD
3 - Geico “Journey-Texas” Commercial // Lighting / Compositing // MAYA MENTAL RAY NUKE
4 - Geico “Journey-Brooklyn Bridge” Commercial // Lighting & Compositing // MAYA MENTAL RAY NUKE
5 - Geico “Start Your Engines” Commercial // Lighting / Compositing // MAYA MENTAL RAY NUKE
6 - Macys “Backstage" commercial // Texturing Lighting Look Development Compositing // PHOTOSHOP MAYA MENTAL RAY NUKE


Jesse Flores

Texture / Look Development Artist

Jesse Flores started out as a Junior Technical Director in NYC, being picked up by the prestigious Framestore NY right out of The School of Visual Arts. Since then he has moved on to other award winning facilities such as The Mill NY, The Mill LA and Lucasfilm Industrial Light and Magic. His skillset has grown from the fast paced commercial environment to the high standards of feature film. Recently his thirst for knowledge has lead him to Product Rendering in Silicon Valley. Although he has jumped from many diciplines such as Lighting / Look Development and specializing in texture painting, the main focus has always been color and light and learning as much as possible to achieve a successful final image.